A day where everyone on TikTok will like every video on there for you page.
Hey, it’s February 29, we might get famous!
by Poopybum38 February 17, 2020
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National Drama Queen Day, for all the drama queens.
OMG, February 29, this is for the drama queens!
by CEOofNationalDays February 29, 2020
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That day that comes around four years later uh, sucks to be you if you were born in this day so have fun
Guys it’s a leap year!
What’s that?
February 29th duh
by Dumb.rat.hoe October 22, 2019
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Natinol ask your bff/bsf on a date
freind 1:hey you know what day it is... It's February 29
Friend 2:do I really have do ask her/him
by xxxtentaculs October 30, 2019
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Today is the day that you finally get to Fuck Your Best Friend. And they can’t say NO when you ask them. Hope you have fun.🤪
You: guess what today is

BSF: it’s February 29th
You: That means that we get to Fuck a best friend

BSF: ok I’m ready
by That.kid.onthe_streets November 7, 2019
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'yo wanna fuck?'
'no, I'm your brother that's disgusting!'
'its February 29th though..'
'oh ok!!'
by tittydestroyer726 October 15, 2019
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