Gregor is one of the best friends you will ever have. You are very lucky if you know a Gregor in your life, both in an relationship and as a friend. Gregor is super sexy and always up for a fuck. Gregor is very handsome and very strong and good in bed.
Woah yesterday I was having sex with Gregor, such a Gregor
by Lover of Gregor May 10, 2019
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A name for a male who is good looking, strong and great in bed.
That was great last night, you're such a gregor.
by Gregor. January 19, 2008
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Gregor is a local Swedish code word for Marijuana, Weed. The expression started in late 2000s in the suburbs of northern Gothenburg during a local family dinner and spread to the rest of the country by 2020. The word "Gregor" refers to the color of weed, GREEN. You can also refer to Gregors step-brother; Bruno (Brown) for hashish.

Gregor have many loving family members:
Bruno = Brown, hashish.

Snegor = Sne; crocked, go(å)r: walk, Magic mushrooms.

Igor = Russian brother, Alcohol.

Sonic = You walk fast as the character Sonic. Crystal meth.

Many of the family members are often appreciated. The only black sheep of the family is Sonic. The reason for that is the lack of sleep and the stress that Sonic bring to the loving heart of Gregor and he's friends and step-brothers.

Gregor is very loved by the Chwengsson family of Step-brothers.
Is Gregor coming to the party? - Yeah, Sinchweng is bringing him.

Do you know who Gregor is? - He is the best friend of Lamb Rock.

Gregor, are you stuck? - Help me step-brother!
by TheCrazyDrugDealer November 24, 2021
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A Gregor is a rather interesting creature indeed, regarded my many as a freak, sneek, geek and indeed severel other 'eek' words. The gregor is actualy intelligent and very occasionaly misunderstood. He is a quick learner and observant, he also has a very nasty habit of sneaking up on people. Be warned, Gregors usualy have misconceptions regarding their person and hence re rather is also extremely easy to hate a Gregor as he is a complete bastard who enjoys ripping the shit out of fellow human beings.
On no account must the neck be touched or the name mispronounced.
by dont steal my words January 22, 2008
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This guy have big PP energy

46cm of his dick

and he is sexy
by Horse Head November 21, 2021
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the most irritating person you could ever meet and you want to punch him in the face all the time yet you still find him as someone who is ok to hang around with from time to time
I dont like him much but he's alright, he's a bit of a Gregor
by Ezikeal February 26, 2017
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Gregor is the most sexiest and intelligent man you'll ever know. He has such a good taste in music and will take you to millions of festivals and concerts! He may seem nice, but watch out, he's a real bad boy!
Wow, look at Gregors hot New Balance Shoes!
by Onexxg January 11, 2017
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