A nocturnal emission, or wet dream. Though it happens at any time during adulthood, it's most common among teenage boys. An increase in frequency of masturbation is usually linked with a decrease in nocturnal emission
When the man began to receive sex on a regular basis, his nightfall frequency dropped.
by Alistair Nilsson January 4, 2008
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A fat eskimo fucker who can also be described as a fat dancer. He uses his insane cocksucking talents to perform dirty sanchez's on all the the SM crew including CT who also enjoys a rusty trombone!
"Man NF has no skillz and enjoys sucking on CT's COCK"
by nigga fo sheezy January 10, 2003
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A giant orc mage, lives in an igloo.
I was playing Warcraft when a NightFall came in and stole my burrito.
by CombatCarl May 17, 2003
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Best power metal album ever. Classic. By Blind Guardian. The theme of the whole thing is The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Truly amazing.
by LoneIgadzra March 22, 2004
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A guy named agon that makes inperational videos on youtube
look there is a progect nightfall on youtube
by Kai2063 March 18, 2021
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