18 inch subs, commonly placed in a car's trunk for that extra BUMP BUMP
"18s in tha trunk, didn't see no wires, then i heard BOOM from the amplifiers"
by WIz Master C July 2, 2003
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A rule often seen on the internet that nobody follows.
Admin: R page is 18+??//!!!!11 We dnt want ur parents 2 sue us!!!11111111
17 and 1/2 year old: lol fuck da police
by thisplacesucksass April 27, 2014
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The age where an American can:
1. Legally buy pornography
2. Legally buy cigarettes
3. Legally gamble in Indian Casinos
4. Legally be concidered an adult
5. Be tried as an adult in a court of law
6. Be drafted for a war they don't believe in
... but still cannot buy alcohol.
Billy: Wow! I turned 18! I'm going to buy cigarettes and gamble in a shoddy Indian casino!
Joey: Wow! I turned 21! I'm going to buy vodka and gamble in a real casino!
Billy: ... damn country.
by Matt May 3, 2006
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The practice of ingesting a beer per hole on a regulation golf course. 18 beers in 18 holes. It usually results in uncoordinated golf and dismissal from the Golf Course. The destroying of Golf carts, clubs and apparel is also a typical result.
I pulled off 18 in 18 last week and I'm still hung over.
by Fitty4ex May 22, 2008
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You're old enough to know better, but young enough to not care
Mom-Act your age not your shoe size, you're 18 for cryin out loud!
Kid-Make me!
by Kay1708 February 16, 2009
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The age you're waiting for your girlfriend to turn.
"Broo Jessica's birthday is coming up right? She's turning 18?"

"Yeah man finally, we've been dating for 3 years now, it's about time I lose my virginity, I'm god damn 23 years old."

Jessica to her best friend: "When do you think I should tell him that I want to wait until marriage?"
by DannyDimes December 10, 2020
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The age at which your dick stops growing
Bob : “He’s 18 and only has two inches

Jerry : “Sucks for him”
by Urboy666 January 3, 2021
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