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The cut and dry definition of preachy is a term said to describe a person who is more times than not, giving advice in an irritating way: giving, or in the habit of giving, advice on morality or behavior, especially in an irritatingly tedious or overbearing way. This term is mostly associated with overtly religious people or people with controversial opinions or ideologies that try to shove their opinions down your thought. Some examples of people who might tend to be preachy are those bible thumpers who try to tell you what to believe, atheists who want to try to tell religious people that their ideas are invalid, the hippies who tell you to hump a tree, or the radicals who try to make people believe irrational conspiracies that make them feel good. Most of the time, preachy people only piss off those they try to sell their ideas to, and end up having a lot of haters, and a few dick riders.
Dude#1: "I had to hitch a ride with our neighbors last night and all they did was talk about how all gays should die."

Dude#2: "They're just preachy motherfuckers. Ignore them."
by thisplacesucksass July 11, 2013
Ghetto way of spelling "fuckboy". Ghetto slang for a bitch, prison slang for the guy who takes it up the ass. Does NOT mean a player that "braeks girls hearts ;-;". The phrase has been used for ages (especially by the Hip-Hop scene), so don't ask me why the fuck it's so popular right now.
Ex. 1: "Look at dem fuckbois tryna walk in our hood! Let's fuck em up!"

Ex. 2: Chris is Bubba's fuckboi because he knows that Bubba won't kick his ass if he let's him fuck it.
by thisplacesucksass February 24, 2015
A word that was extremely overused from late 2010 to early 2012, and is now nothing more than a joke. The word "swag" once had many meanings, such as "Stuff we all get", "Scientific wild ass guess", and even just "stolen goods". The term was eventually used as ghetto slang for "swagger", and just like all ghetto slang, it caught on as a term used by preppy teenfags and douchebags alike. The overuse of the word annoyed a lot of internet users and eventually spawned a popular meme that spread though Facebook claiming that swag really is "a 60's acronym thought up by closet homosexuals standing for "secretly we are gay" ", and even though that is a load of bullshit, it actually got the sheeple of Facebook to stop using the term.

This day in age, saying swag in a non-sarcastic way in public will probably just end up getting your ass beat, as it is no longer "in style", even for preppy teenfags. The term is still used by internet trolls, and as a joke, but that's about it.
1841: "How about we split this swag up evenly?"
1996: "Do you want some free swag and a brochure?"
2011: "You're just jealous cuz I got swag."
2015: "Who the fuck even says swag anymore?"
by thisplacesucksass February 9, 2015
A sarcastic way of spelling "Thug Life". Typically used to describe a situation, life, or event that is not really "gangsta" or hardcore, but still crosses some sort of line, like removing a "Do Not Remove" tag on a piece of furniture. It can also be used to describe someone who thinks that their life is hard/fucked up, but is really just ignorant to the fact that they don't meet the definition of a thug.
1. Bill: "Wht u doin"
John: "Textin while driving yo, livin da thug life xD"

2. (Jonny's Facebook status): "I H8 MY MOMMY!!!1111 SHE JUST BAWT ME DA WRONG BRAND OF SOCKS >:( mY LIFE SUCKZ"
Bob's comment: "Thug Lyfe"
by thisplacesucksass July 9, 2013
Any kind of material that is capable of helping one fap. It could be something as simple as the sight of a camel toe or as elaborate as the viewing of a hardcore porno. Every day, we see fapping fuel, and it is our duty to make sure that we put it in our wank bank for later use.
Keith: "So, I was looking at my girlfriend's magazines while I was taking a shit and I just couldn't stop myself from stroking my cock to the sexy cover of some model in her underwear. "
Kevin: "Well I guess that's what happens when you overload on that fapping fuel. Good thing you were in the bathroom when you saw it."
by thisplacesucksass March 25, 2015
Stealth blocking is when an internet user is blocked by another user or by a website without being told. Many times, the stealth blocking will be initiated by a mindless bot that assumes you are a spammer using its algorithm. You posts might only be showing up for yourself (also known as shadow banning, which is heavily used by reddit and Google Plus), or maybe only one person won't see them (this is less serious and is most often seen on Facebook). This is considered a cowardice move by many, as not only is it a temporary fix to a long term problem (let's face it, trolls will find out when their b8 isn't getting replies and just make another account), but it often affects those who haven't done anything and just happened to get falsely marked as spam by an oversensitive bot.
1. I tried to contact my ex via Facebook to give me back my laptop, but I'm pretty sure she stealth blocked me.

2. My YouTube comments are now plagued with a stealth block because trolls kept marking my comments as spam and got the G+ algorithm to start blocking them.
by thisplacesucksass March 10, 2015
A teenfag is someone usually between the age 13 and 19 who acts in a stereotypical teenage way. The term "teenfag" covers a vast array of people, as the definition is very broad.

There are two categories of teenfag: typical and atypical.

Typical refers to the annoying ones who listen to generic modern pop music and/or mainstream hip-hop, dress like sluts/douchebags, and use annoying catchphrases borrowed from ghetto speak like "fleek" or "bae" (and formerly yolo and swag). They tend to be obsessed with social media and are never seen without their smartphone that their parents paid for. You will typically see them hanging out in groups of various sizes.

Atypical refers to the "edgy" teenfags that dress like complete buffoons and are always carrying some kind of label like emo, goth, scene, or whatever other shitty pseudoculture they could dig up. They tend to listen to very specific genres of music, all of which tend to be equivalent to ear rape. Their goal in life is to "stand out" by conforming to a preexisting group, making them even bigger tools than typical teenfags. They too, tend to always be carrying a smartphone, but they behave like rats on social media (by showing off cutting themselves, talking about how they hate everyone, etc.).

Either way, all teenfags are cancer.
Bob: "What is up with those white kids crip walking?"
Jeffrey: "They're just a gaggle of typical teenfags."
by thisplacesucksass February 9, 2015