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When someone on the internet whines about their life just so they can get a shitload of people to put an emotional "band-aid" on said user by feeling sorry for him/her. These are the same type of people that censor their YouTube comment section or complain about trivial shit like "cyber bullying". Most commonly seen on Facebook where bitches are always talking about how "broken" they are.
Half of all female Facebook users utilize internet band-aids.
by thisplacesucksass March 05, 2014
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A rule often seen on the internet that nobody follows.
Admin: R page is 18+??//!!!!11 We dnt want ur parents 2 sue us!!!11111111
17 and 1/2 year old: lol fuck da police
by thisplacesucksass April 27, 2014
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A term used to make fun of the imageboard site, 4chan. The name implies that all 4chan users do nothing but sit on their asses gawking at porn, posting garbage on /b/, scrolling through 4chan and obsessing over nerdy topics like "vidya", board games, anime, etc., all of whom becoming obese because of it.
This day in age, the term is used now more than ever due to what 4chan has become: a cesspool of children who think they're cool for posting shit on /b/, porn fappers, and autistic males who obsess over one topic.
Lol, I can't believe that Jon still goes on 4chins. No wonder he has gained so much weight.
by thisplacesucksass February 14, 2015
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The cut and dry definition of preachy is a term said to describe a person who is more times than not, giving advice in an irritating way: giving, or in the habit of giving, advice on morality or behavior, especially in an irritatingly tedious or overbearing way. This term is mostly associated with overtly religious people or people with controversial opinions or ideologies that try to shove their opinions down your thought. Some examples of people who might tend to be preachy are those bible thumpers who try to tell you what to believe, atheists who want to try to tell religious people that their ideas are invalid, the hippies who tell you to hump a tree, or the radicals who try to make people believe irrational conspiracies that make them feel good. Most of the time, preachy people only piss off those they try to sell their ideas to, and end up having a lot of haters, and a few dick riders.
Dude#1: "I had to hitch a ride with our neighbors last night and all they did was talk about how all gays should die."

Dude#2: "They're just preachy motherfuckers. Ignore them."
by thisplacesucksass July 10, 2013
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Stealth blocking is when an internet user is blocked by another user or by a website without being told. Many times, the stealth blocking will be initiated by a mindless bot that assumes you are a spammer using its algorithm. You posts might only be showing up for yourself (also known as shadow banning, which is heavily used by reddit and Google Plus), or maybe only one person won't see them (this is less serious and is most often seen on Facebook). This is considered a cowardice move by many, as not only is it a temporary fix to a long term problem (let's face it, trolls will find out when their b8 isn't getting replies and just make another account), but it often affects those who haven't done anything and just happened to get falsely marked as spam by an oversensitive bot.
1. I tried to contact my ex via Facebook to give me back my laptop, but I'm pretty sure she stealth blocked me.

2. My YouTube comments are now plagued with a stealth block because trolls kept marking my comments as spam and got the G+ algorithm to start blocking them.
by thisplacesucksass March 10, 2015
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A feature on Urban Dictionary that let's you approve the definitions thought up by the masses (because the people who run Urban Dictionary have gotten too lazy to do it themselves). Most of them tend to be names submitted by egotistical teenagers (see urbandictionary names), and the few that are funny or at least relevant often times don't get approved because half of the people using the "approve new words" section are just trying to push their own shitty name submission.
I tried out UD's approve new words feature and all I saw were ass-kissing name submissions.
by thisplacesucksass April 08, 2015
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Any kind of material that is capable of helping one fap. It could be something as simple as the sight of a camel toe or as elaborate as the viewing of a hardcore porno. Every day, we see fapping fuel, and it is our duty to make sure that we put it in our wank bank for later use.
Keith: "So, I was looking at my girlfriend's magazines while I was taking a shit and I just couldn't stop myself from stroking my cock to the sexy cover of some model in her underwear. "
Kevin: "Well I guess that's what happens when you overload on that fapping fuel. Good thing you were in the bathroom when you saw it."
by thisplacesucksass March 24, 2015
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