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The feeling of ecstasy one feels after completing a fulfilling meal of soup, making one completely relaxed.
I'm staying in tonight, I have Soup Belly and I'm good to go.
by Fitty4ex June 18, 2007

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An urban term which means a woman has sexy ankles.
It took every part of my being not to lick her sankles.
by Fitty4ex January 11, 2007

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Stands for "Big Annoying Colorful Font Third Person Thread."

A popular game played on Message Boards where members post thoughts about themselves in the third person, using giant lettering and multiple fonts and colors.
I'm going to head to BACFTPT for some fun.

by Fitty4ex June 25, 2007

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Refers to a member of Facebook that flirts with other members of Facebook with no intention of ever following through on said flirtation.

The Facebook tease will also upload dated photos that completely exagerate their appearence, so if they ever do follow through with their flirtations, the other party will be thoroughly disappointed.
I know that chick sounds sexy, but she's a complete Facebook Tease.
by fitty4ex August 14, 2008

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An alcoholic beverage that combines Gatorade and Pinot Grigio; a white wine. Most oftenly used on the golf course.
Grab me another G & G, they are tasty.
by Fitty4ex January 11, 2007

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Drinking 18 beers, smoking 18 cigarettes and golfing 18 holes at a regulation golf course. Usually for the golfer who is there more for the party than the actual golf. It's an amazing feat, accomplished by few.
I pulled off 18 Cubed and immediately retired from golf.
by Fitty4ex May 22, 2008

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The second set of 9 holes on a golf course after ingesting massive amounts of alcohol during the first 9 holes. Results are usually disasterous, except for a select few.
"I was playing really well, then I hit the Drunk 9 and it was over."
by Fitty4ex May 22, 2008

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