show on vh1 featuring members from i love new york, flavor of love, and rock of love, as they compete for $250,000
dude i watched i love money last night!
by bulldog889 September 2, 2008
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Basically, the realworld road rules....but infested with syphillis
Dude, did you watch I love money last night?

Nah, i might just get Aids by watching it
by Sceneofkaos August 18, 2008
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a "classy" Vh1 shows with all the white trash & black trash rejects of VH1's "dating shows"
the rejects complete in stupid challlenges reflecting their time on the the dating shows.
Lots of sex, smoking, herpes, and white trash.
Bill: Did Lolena just give that old man a lap dance? Thats classy...
Angela: ALMOST as classy as i love money
by junlop October 7, 2008
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trashy reality show involving cast members from even more trashy reality shows like I Love New York, Rock of Love, and Flavor of Love.
"Pumkin did WHAT on I Love Money? she eliminated CHANCE? go giirrl!"
by flaverrrr flayyv August 18, 2008
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