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A little hitler is a self-important tosspot who thinks he's in charge. Someone who makes up arbitrary and/or self-serving rules and has a tantrum if they aren't obeyed. They tend to have a park-keeper/traffic-warden mentality; rules are Law and rules come first. They can't handle people who threaten their authority.
Wayne's running a tournament..

Wayne: You didn't spell the name right, Jim. You're out.
Baz: That's unfair, Wayne. You know what he meant.
Wayne: You're out too!
Baz: Ya stupid little hitler.
by wordMann May 10, 2006
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Little Hitler is a shaving and trimming short of a women's pubic area.This leaves a small short haired patch of hair that looks like a mustache. Although most men prefer women with shaved pussy, the little hitler is a second best.
Check out the Little Hitler on that Babe!!
by Doug Hightower September 03, 2005
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the little hitler is when you stick your finger up a womans bum, pull it out then draw a moustache over her upper lip
by slapsticka December 12, 2008
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when someones sleeping a person sticks their finger in thier ass and wipes poop on their upper lip in the form of hitlers mustache
craig woke up with a little hitler
by Jamie June 04, 2004
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The act of sticking your thumb up a female's sphincter and acquiring feces and promptly wiping on her upper lip.
My husband and i went all the way last night and i let him finally give me little Hitler's
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by Blitzed4lyfe20 October 06, 2016
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