a annoying ball of hormones, often thinks that they are the coolest most amazing person in the world but there just an annoying little kid. usually found playing COD with there squeaky voices over the headset.
13 year old- OMG im da coolest.

everyone else- STFU kid.
by baddazoner January 6, 2011
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A Person who is always horny af, says slang words to try act cool and steals there parents juul, You can find them most likely playing games fortnite or at zumiez.
Omg, is that a fucking 13 year old
by Im an iconic cunt January 27, 2019
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the last year of being an official child. Children range from 6-13.

A child who is 13
"Who's that child over there?", "oh it's a 13 year old girl. "
by Children & teen worker January 30, 2019
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Somebody who is insulted, called an idiot, called a ball of hormones, called an annoying little kid who does stupid things, by almost every definition on the urban dictionary.
It's totally unfair how 13 year olds are insulted on the urban dictionary.
by Lazav (shapeshifter) October 12, 2019
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Person 1:Hey Ethan do you know any 13-year-olds?
Ethan: yeah
Person 1: who?
Ethan: My girlfriend, Danielle cohn
by svblesiv November 26, 2019
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Everyone thinks all they do is dumb and have zits when if they keep themselves clean no zits and 13 year olds are pretty smart they only play fortnite if thats the only thing to do cause they beat games too fast sure they have bad humor and are very horny but during puberty you were too and same with onwards

Written by a true zit-free 13 year old
13 year old: 69 is hilarious
23 year old:dumbass
13 year old: you probably were too 13 year olds like as aren't dumbasses
by Hate13yearoldhaters June 29, 2020
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A different kind of human beings, who think they're cool because they run on the streets and make their friends laugh. Which is most likely the reason aliens won't make contact with us.
Bunch of 13 year olds:

by Prodigy02 November 18, 2015
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