worst band ever, full of cockmongers. i compare them to a big pile of shit. because they suck. commonly referred to as the "raging homos"
dude 1:man did you hear the raging hormones?They sucked worse than your mum did last night!
dude 2: who the fuck are they?
by joseph October 7, 2004
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the act of a girl so hormonal she feels the need to add EVERY "hot" guy she finds on a social site. These girls are generally predators, hunting for the kill..... not kill but you get the point. Okay hunting for the man..... yeah...
Girl: Oh my gosh that girl Dina is totally adding EVERY guy she finds on fb!
Guy: I know! She's so rage-hormoning!!
by Thatgirlisfinnee2 March 28, 2011
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