poser killer of the local mom and pop skate and snowboard shops that started the whole buisness in the beginning. banking on to the mainstream fashion and leeching into the heart of the youth subculture (they sell more to non skaters/riders than they do to riders/skaters).
Poser 1: Oh hey hey hey, check it out, Zumiez has the new Bam belt (and the snowboard from that company that's been out of buisness for years...what's it called? oh yeah m3.

Poser 2: Yeah, Bam is so bad ass.

Poser 1: Totaly.
by Roshell Manyell March 27, 2005
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A place located in malls that is filled with 12 year old posers. They sell skateboarding gear and clothing, but the workers know nothing about skateboarding.
by skaet. April 5, 2010
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A place to buy skateboards and other accessories.
I'm going to Zumiez, I gotta get a new deck and some trucks.
by Gearbox January 20, 2005
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The store where skinny jean wearing poseurs shop for overpriced clothes and, if they do actually make an attempt at skating, Element boards. Luckily cool people still support the mom and pop shops, and wouldn't be caught dead there.
Brosef: Yo man where you going?

Cunt: Zumiez. This is the second Element deck I've snapped this month and my DCs already have ollie holes.

Brosef: Psh, come back with a Toy Machine and some Emericas and we'll talk faggot.

Cunt: *cries*
by skunky brewster March 2, 2010
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One of the largest if not the largest skateboard retailers in America. Zumiez, believe it nor not, progresses skateboarding more than these mom and pop shops that they supposedly put out of business. Go anywhere there is a town with a 10 year old Zumiez store and you will find three things. 1. A skatepark that wasnt there before Zumiez. 2. A successful other skate shop that caters to all those kids that skate that have grown out of Zumiez. 3.TONS more kids skateboarding than before.

Zumiez is basically a grom shop that helps birth new skateboarders, its up to the small skate shops to get out and show them what skateboarding is REALLY about.
did your hometown skatepark come before or after zumiez did....
by Rob Militia April 28, 2009
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A store that sells skateboarding and snowboarding stuff. They have alot of clothes and shoes there but also have the actual skateboards and snowboards there. It has more selection than the poser store pac sun.
"hey im going to go to zumiez to go buy a skateboard and some shoes."
by mullenabalance February 20, 2006
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