5 definitions by Im an iconic cunt

1.) A place where you're supposed to "learn", but all that happens is your teachers are complaining about their lives, 2.)HELL 3.) where your parents make u go.
Jimmy :Mom plz I don't wanna go to middle school we don't learn anything and It's HELL.


Jimmy: crying*
by Im an iconic cunt December 14, 2017
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A Person who is always horny af, says slang words to try act cool and steals there parents juul, You can find them most likely playing games fortnite or at zumiez.
Omg, is that a fucking 13 year old
by Im an iconic cunt January 27, 2019
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The teachers have no clue what is going which is, The students vaping, smoking weed, drinking and giving each other fucking blowjobs. Lots of the guys there try to act like they're from the hood when they live in fucking Johnston.The girls look like they're 20. But EVERYONE there talks shit about each other. There is also LOTS of fights there and lots of drama of ppl arguing about a best friend who took her boyfriend or some Jerry Springer type of shit. The school also is a fucking prison
Person 1:Is this the Jerry Springer show or Ferri Middle School?
Person 2: There is no fucking difference
by Im an iconic cunt January 27, 2019
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