A different kind of human beings, who think they're cool because they run on the streets and make their friends laugh. Which is most likely the reason aliens won't make contact with us.
Bunch of 13 year olds:

by Prodigy02 November 18, 2015
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First years of being a teen. A time in wich one is either in 7th or 8th grade. A very boring time to be a teenager. Parents often act as though you are still a little kid. Many are prone to being a prep. Others, a very little emo this happens toward more later in 13 age most only like the music. Most likely green day obbsessed (like mui).
Mom: MY little baby's 13 years-old!! it was only yesturday i was changing you diapers!!
13 year-old kid: Mom. please.
almost year later
Mom: HI sweety how was your day.
13 year-old kid (prep): Whatever mom.
Mom: hi sweety.
13 years-old kid (emo music liker): fine, hey can I go over to Melissa's later?
Mom: Sure.
13: Thanks!
by Mrs. Shelly Dirnt May 9, 2006
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maybe the scariest form of human you’ll encounter.
adult: why are you so fuckin depressed

13 year old girl: simply because i’m 13 and life sucks
by iheartdickbutimmafeminist March 9, 2018
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1. Unfunny and annoying hormone bags

2. Losers who come to urban dictionary to make a definition on how they're not like other 13 year olds.
by imakestuffdirtycuck April 30, 2021
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any thing that is born 13 and listens to to much rap
hank :oh my kid jimmy is a good kid

jim:are you sure hes dressed like a edgy 13 year old

hank:hes 15

jim:it´s an expression i think
by eh im ok 44 September 26, 2018
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A girl who thinks she is old enough to do whatever she wants, sometimes going through the "scene" phases. She tries to fit in with older people usually. Most of the time this person looks older than 13 or tries to act older than 13, she usually dates people older than her. She tries to be adventurous and tries new and dangerous things.
David: "dude! that girl is sooo hot"
Friend: "she's a 13 year old girl.."
David: "omg, she looks so much older than that"
by Mo0dyMeadow June 17, 2015
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Synonyms: clout, middle school student
Definition: every boy in middle school who had used the word clout
by Jose burrito April 15, 2019
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