Something that is described as really clean. Short for squeaky clean.
Dag! His house be squeaky! Everytime I visit that cat it be squeak top to bottom.
by Remy Rem January 16, 2008
{Jerry, watching the Maury show on the telly}: Aww look at Marisol. She still hasn't found the baby daddy. She's so squeaky!!!
by Telephony May 6, 2019
a sexy stud that can pull anyone she wants , she make you wet just by looking at you ;)
i had a girlfriend named SQUEAKY and she got me wet just by touching my hair !
by whatdontyoulikeaboutme November 4, 2019
A rag that used to be a toy hedgehog with a squeak. Lacks stuffing. Limbs are hanging off buy threads. The owner believes squeaky is a living being with feelings and thoughts.
ter: You made squeaky upset! Say sorry to squeaky!
by Igg August 16, 2003
Squeaky is the best hedgehog in the world, though equal to smelly.

Is hated by Ildiko.
I love squeaky
by squeaky February 14, 2004
masturbation of male/female genitals; jack off, flick the bean
squeaky is shiznit mayn

she squeakied when her parents weren't home
by Stubby Timmy September 30, 2005
To Squeak - To whine continuously about Arty (Artillery) in the MMO (Mass Multiplayer Online game) World of Tanks.
A Squeakie - A person who squeaks a lot.
A Leaky Squeakie - Someone who actualy cries or dribbles whilst Squeaking :-P
I wish squeakies wouldn't do it in battle. It's so sad and very offputting.
by Zoe Ballz November 13, 2018