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A person who somewhat act 's like a retard but really isn't!
Chad : Oh Kiersten I love to kiss your neck it makes me so hard!
Kiersten : Keep doin it then after work we can find a room and fuck!
Steve: Hey guys what's goin on!
Chad : Can't you see I'm making out with my girlfriend get lost!
Steve : Oh mind if I join in! LOL
Kiersten : Get lost you creap!
Chad : Yeah get lost before I kick you stupid ass!
Kiersten : What a fuckin idiot!
Chad : Yeah he's such a Tard!
by SlopNChop February 2, 2017
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Stupid things that shouldn't exist and are obviously inbred. All they do is cost a shit ton of money and time and energy that is wasted. They should be locked in a building that has no budget and stay there forever.
by Fig boy May 29, 2018
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Players, coaching staff, and fans of Melbourne Victory Football Club, based in Melbourne, Australia. They compete in the Australian A-League Football (Soccer) Championship.

The term has its origins in the club's player recruitment policy, which were widely seen as "retarded" by fans of rival cubs, and as the Melbourne team has no official mascot, the term "tard" became widely used by football fans Australia-wide.

The term stuck when the Melbourne football club's management appeared to be happy with poor on-field results.
Guy 1: What was the football score?
Guy 2: We beat Melbourne 4-0.
Guy 1: Ha! We whooped them tards good!
by Merrick February 6, 2006
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1. In reference to being retarded, level of retardedness
Mike, let's compare our tardness of adding definitions to the urban dictionary.
by Bud E Love May 5, 2003
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Simply, the plural form of the word tard. More than one tard.
by keifermail September 22, 2009
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Is what you call a retarded person. Normally used in school to tell others the Special Ed kids are coming
Tard Alert, on your right
Fucking tards ate my lunch
by JavaCares November 14, 2017
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a Tard is a kid who likes to touch stuff around him at random moments and bash his head on any near by object
by Titaan March 21, 2018
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