25 definitions by james savik

An enormous turd left in an unflushed toilet.
Oh my Gawd Shawn? Did you leave this lunker in the toilet? It's got to be at least 17 inches.
by james savik October 02, 2006
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Gay adolescent or young man that cruise malls looking to get laid or turn tricks and make some cash off of a mall troll.
Eric has turned into such a mall punk. I've seen him leave with at least a dozen mall trolls and he's always got cash now.
by james savik September 24, 2009
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Fat 40ish closet queens, possibly a republican congressman or TV evangalist, who hang out in malls trying to pick up boys and young men.
In a vice sweep last week, the police arrested a dozen mall trolls including a preacher, city councleman and a man waiting while his family bought back to school clothes at Sears.
by james savik February 01, 2008
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Military in origin. Describes a rookie aviator or junior officer in the Navy or Marine Corps.
"How are your nuggets working out?"
"They'll be fine when they figure out that they're in the fleet now and can forget the Mickey-mouse shit and concentrate on the job."
by james savik September 06, 2020
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The state of rapture displayed by democrats and liberal pundits over the prospects of Barak Obama in the 2008 Presidential race.
Did you see the old hens on "the View" having Obama-gasms this morning? It was embarrassing.
by james savik February 14, 2008
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A rest or break- used by Southern football coaches. Somewhat archaic.
Joe! Get in there and give Terry a blow at linebacker. He's missed three tackles in a row.
by james savik February 05, 2008
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A mediocre academic whose one career accomplishment is that he/she knows how to write successful research grants but has no idea how to focus that research for any pratical results.
Dr. Patterson is a rotten teacher but he has tenure because he's such a grant whore. He brings in 25 million a year for his research into the boxers vs breifs question.
by james savik March 30, 2008
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