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Made famous by Johnny Depp's character in the movie Crybaby. It is a tattoo of a teardrop below one's eye on either side. Originally placed in prison to signify that the bearer was owned by a fellow prisoner. In prison terms "there bitch." The tear drop signifies that pain and humiliation one would feel after being "turned out" in prison. The tattoo is placed on the face to further humiliate the victim and mark them in a place where they could not cover the mark.

Confusion about it's meaning has come from the victim's having to explain the tattoo when they get out of prison and have to explain it to family and loved one's. They would often state that they got the tattoo because they killed a man in prison. This statement was not far from the truth since their submissive act of becoming another man's "bitch" could easily be viewed as the death of their manhood.

Problems arose when men on the outside began to get the tattoos and brag that it signified their killing someone or lost a loved one. Unwittingly they had marked themselves as a target for predators if they ever went to prison.
"Did you hear, Marcus put a teardrop tattoo on his new bitch. I wonder how long before he starts trading him for cigarettes."
by keifermail June 29, 2009

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The unpleasant state between drinks.
I am sober unfortunately!
by keifermail September 06, 2009

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A really fat joint. Not to be confused with a blunt. A Keith is a joint that is about to bust out of the papers.
"Hey don't Bogart my Keith."
by keifermail July 12, 2009

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Literally, a low life that is able bodied, yet lives off government assistance. I.E. Welfare, WIC, Food Stamps etc. etc.

In the film Forrest Gump, Forrest asks Lt. Dan what he's doing now when he sees him for the first time after they arrive home. Lt. Dan, who has lost both legs and is confined to a wheelchair, states, "Living off the government tit."

The phrase is a reference to Lt. Dan's receiving a monthly stipen for the loss of his lower limbs.

In recent years, the term has a negative connotation and is often used to describe healthy welfare recipients that are able to work but choose not to because they are satisfied with their welfare checks for doing nothing.
The people living off the government tit are the largest voter pool for the democratic party.

Living off the government tit is free ride for people who realize government cheese is preferable to gainful employment.
by keifermail July 12, 2009

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N. Old literary term for sexual copulation. The most famous being a quote from William Shakespeare's Othello where Iago informs the King that his daughter has been having sex with a black man. Though modern high school students generally assume that making the two back beast is a reference to doing it doggy style the literal meaning in the 15th century was sex face to face or in the missionary position.
"If you tell Momma I was spying on you, then I'll tell her you and Jorge were making the two backed beast."

William Shakespeare. Othello. (1605): Iago: ' I am one, sir, that comes to tell you, your daughter and the Moor are now making-the-beast-with-two-backs .'
by keifermail July 27, 2008

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n. A person (not always a female) who has become so addicted to percocet that they will have sex for Percocets when none are available. The irony being that a percocet is generally sold for less than one minimum wage hour and if you offered the same person the cash instead of the pill they would retort, "I ain't no cheap whore. If you want to pay someone $5 for a blow job go find a crack whore."
"Man, Courtney is such a percocet whore. I told her I had three pills and she came over and fucked my brains out. I only gave her two pills. If you want some of that just call her up and tell her you got some Percs."
by keifermail July 27, 2008

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N. Choke the chicken, manhandle the salami, whack off, spank the monkey, manually express semen, beat the meat, shake hands with your one-eyed best friend. To master your own domain.
"First thing I did when I got home was whack my pug. I swear I ain't never going to another cheer leading competition."
by keifermail July 12, 2009

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