meaning hella faded. too blown to function.
P1-Did u see homeboy?
P2-Nigga was FuCced up.
P1-Homeboy was bleached.
by rinabadez April 07, 2008
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"Yo, what happened to Steve?"

"Dam, you didn't hear? He got totally bleached by his ex in front of his new girlfriend."

"What are u talking about?"

"yeah, they ran into her the other night and she asked him in front of her new girl if he was still living with his mom."

by mickypillar November 18, 2008
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-when someone is acting white when they aren't
-acting as if you were a white folk
"Man, brah. Dat black guy ova dere, dat is one bleached nigga. He be rollin wit da white niggas and playin golf and junk. He can't even do no pen drop or dougie. Dat bleached nigga is so white."

Asian Guy-Hey man. What's up?
Bleached Asian-Hey. Jus chillin.
Asian Guy-Ya wanna get something to eat?
Bleached Asian-Ya sure.
Asian Guy-Yeah, let's go get some fried rice from Golden Wok.
Bleached Asian-Nah. I hate rice. Lets get some pizza.
Asian Guy-Then howa bout a boba tea then?
Bleached Asian-Huh? What's that?
Asian Guy-Nevermind. Lets jus go watch some Korean dramas then.
Bleached Asian-Can't. I'm gotta go to Abercrombie & Fitch to get some shirts.
Asian Guy-Well f*** you. Ya frickin, bleached, white-washed, asian, nigga.
by rawrimmatigerrawr November 24, 2010
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When a nigger, spic, or any other lower form race allow a White man to ejaculate inside her
Hey dude, met up with that coon Shaniqua last night and bleached that nigger.
by My-stuffedkitten February 17, 2019
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