8 definitions by zacharydestasolomon

(n) when you thought you seal'd the deal but find out it's a "NO!"
Whatta deepfake!!
by zacharydestasolomon December 9, 2021
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(n.) someone who tries to look like they have opinions, individual, and self-determination but just follows the crowd
I tried rewatching reruns of The Fairly OddParents but Jake called me an edgefag.
by zacharydestasolomon January 23, 2022
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(n) an online exchange of goods (also known as a 'marketplace') created for the express purpose for buying and selling NFTs and other weirdo memester zillennial fan art.
I got sideswiped bid swiping for those ADA Army NFTs so I went to a NFTEX called OpenSea and bought myself some Hoskinsons for the lulz.
by zacharydestasolomon December 4, 2021
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We need to make this deal open to the scumlic otherwise our code monkeys won't be able to start development
until this next sprint has past over.
by zacharydestasolomon December 3, 2021
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(n.) Making stuff up, pretending it matters, then changing your mind later.
in high school...
zac: "wanna go out???"
Renee: "I dunno, im getting married to Jake Veber"

at JFK airport...
zac: "wanna go out???"
Renee: "sure, that marriage was onvy a transitional governmental policy..."
by zacharydestasolomon January 31, 2022
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(v) to insta-trash a rejection email from Facebook after applying simply for the sake of spiting the Zuckster Supreme Chief Head God Almighty Among Mortals & Men.
I would have suckerberged dem shits on repeat but I forgot that long press marks multiple for the rubbish bin.
by zacharydestasolomon December 3, 2021
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(n.) skills used for living in society, necessary to live with the scumlic at large.
At the University Club I used my softy skills to get myself a job working as a janitor under Renee.
by zacharydestasolomon February 4, 2022
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