A beautiful indepent girl
Who believes in love
And had has a thing for deep spiritual art and loves the feeling of being young and reckless.
She is the type of person to look proud and strong,but emotionally its a diffrent story.
She is quite a joker,and loves to play around with her friends
She loves the life of being surrounded by friends and dancing and just enjoying her self.
She has a high aspiration for love and she knows what she wants in her life.
All about positivity and being peacefull during her free time.
And has a kinky sexy side to her
Renee re-born
by Blushmush🙈 May 13, 2015
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Someone who is cocky, stubborn and a dork at times, but you still love that person anyway.

A name like Renee describes her to be very beautiful inside and out. She possesses a smile that even when you are sad, it makes you feel better. She has beautiful brown eyes and her hair...just... Wow! She speaks her mind, she's loyal, she's smart, hardworking and when it comes to her family, she'll do anything for them. She can be geeky, but it's hot and you love her for it. Fun to watch whatever movie or tv series with. She makes you feel like you can do anything as well as talking to her about anything. She's simply amazing! She's someone that you would want in your life.
Stop being so cocky, Renee!

Man, I'm lucky I have a Renee in my life and I'll always love her.
by Jace1986 July 1, 2017
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She is a very beautiful, intelligent and loving she has very pretty eyes and cute smile ,she's very mature and considerate, she loves with her all and gives her all ,A guy should consider himself lucky to have her
Renee is my queen, I am lucky to have her
by Renee tush February 14, 2018
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Renee is a kind and loyal person . Who will always be there for you when you need help . She is very down to earth and loves nature . She is a dog lover and is very creative person . If you know a Renee don’t let this girl slip by you . Renee is very rare and hard to find . So if you know a Renee always keep her close to your heart .she has the ability to soothe your soul . Renee always has a nice ass and round hips .
I hung out with Renee today and I feel great and full energy !

Today Renee helped me with my taxes .

Who’s that chick with a nice ass ?,that’s Renee
by Hollow tip lipstick March 17, 2018
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The best girl you will ever meet. She's beautiful and nice and is the best person you could know.
John is in love because he is dating Renee.
by Jman11/9/16 February 17, 2017
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A very sexy , cute , honest , funny outgoing , freaky , and romantic guy. He loves his girl so much and treats her right he may be a player but he knows how to get a girl to fall in love . He loves his girl and respects her and her every decision , he would fight any for his girl big or small he don't care . He has money and spoils the shit out of his girl . He sticks to one girl and is loyal to his girl
"Renee Knows How To Spoil His Girl"
by Unknow12146 May 5, 2016
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an amazing girl who likes animals, having fun, partying, laughing, and having an overal great time. she is very good looking, cute at times, but can show a bitch up whenever her mind intends. she loves one person and will try to do anything for him. and not to mention, she is fantastic in bed. her family is very important even though agruements happen often but her friends cool the problem. she chills with guys often, not for a relationship often but for just friendship, because girls are sometimes jack wagons to her.
Brian: hey dude, who's that chick with those chicks over there?

Sam: oh thats Renee, shes cool. we went go carting together last weekend with my cuz.

Brian: she seems cool. ill talk to her later. thanks.
by 0-0 some persun July 7, 2011
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