22 definitions by you know

A box where you whisper something to it and then pick out one of the smarties inside and it will give you the answer on the back depending what color you picked. (Hopefully the one you wanted)
"Are the falcons going to win"
(blue smartie picked) "NO"
by you know October 31, 2004
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An athletic cocky bum who thinks he's the shit.
by You know April 09, 2003
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The ultimate smartest person you'll meet. The Queen of grammar. Someone who sometimes whispers to weird things like lightposts or smartie boxes.
"Shake your head jaken"
by you know October 31, 2004
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the fucking coolest hat in the world
only cool people wear intellution hats
by you know June 21, 2003
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someone who pretends he can play certain computer games, but on the contrary is awful. these games include but are not limited to Medal of Honor and Spearhead.
"i was playing MOHAA last nite, man they had this guy who sucked"
"yeah i was there! He was such a swantek"
by you know April 29, 2003
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If you can't do it, nug it.
I couldn't do it, so I nug it.
by You know April 07, 2004
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a slang term for a person of Jamaican and Mongolian background.
"Maria is way better than Kelly the Irish bitch, because she's a fuckin' Jamolian!"
by you know March 23, 2004
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