Someone who has inadvertently given up on getting laid or women in general. These men generally have no experience whatsoever with women, i mean never even held hands. Someone who is afraid to talk to women and has given up on finding a female companion. This is very sad indeed and if you know a friend like this, i recommend you help them as much as possible. Breeding with a woman was god's gift to man, some men have been so women neglected that they actually give up on having any relationship with women and may actually become anti social if prolonged . the saying: "There is someone out there for everyone." THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE, NOT EVERYONE DIES TOGETHER AND PEOPLE DO DIE VIRGINS AND NOT ON PURPOSE. I HOPE YOUR HAPPY LADIES, SOME MEN HAVE GIVEN UP ON YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR NEGLECT.
You: " C'mon man there are plenty of fish in the sea."

will never get laid:"Not for me, i am my own ocean."
by LoneWolfNC17 February 22, 2012
As the name says, it's just a club full of people, that have given up on sex.
The YOU'RE NEVER GETTING LAID club is also open for teh wapanese.
by dont' be a wanker December 28, 2004