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A mistaken dehydrated employee emerging from the confines of their work station to quench said thirst that inadvertently scares the in charge personnel
Oh Lee you scared me , I thought you were a person
by xwickedxxpediax December 29, 2020

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An amount of currency you receive after paying the prostitute with a bill larger than is needed.
I needed some quarters for sure, so she gave me some sex change after we were done.
by xwickedxxpediax November 11, 2019

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When you have a druggy girlfriend, but try to hide that detail from everyone .
I would hang out later, but sorry it's a conceal and Carry night .
by xwickedxxpediax December 25, 2020

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Similar to a nude , a youde is a lovely picture of someone that captures their sexiness , beauty and cuteness .
Baby that's a lovely youde .
by xwickedxxpediax January 17, 2021

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An older person that gets frustrated and annoyed by technology and confusion in regard to new concepts and ways of understanding .
Mom: this Damn internet...
Me: don't be a geezer
by xwickedxxpediax January 13, 2021

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When someone doesn't hear you say something funny or sarcastic so you have to say something to get out of repeating yourself.
Me: Damn this girl...
Her: what?

Me: i said you have nice hair !
by xwickedxxpediax January 12, 2021

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A meal consisting of mashed potatoes wrapped in pasta
I want some pasta potato bitches !
by xwickedxxpediax January 11, 2021

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