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Pseudo-Spanish for "deal", used to lend an air of urban-chic to an otherwise urbane sentence.
Ok folks, here's the deal...
- vs -
Alright peeps, here's the dealio...
by Woody January 24, 2005

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This term is used when you have been dating someone for a considerable length of time and have developed a strong relationswhip with them.
"Are you still shagging that bird?"
"Yeah, we're going steady"
by woody February 10, 2004

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The art of making your lover puke while indulging in a spot of anal sex.
I was seriously hurt while wolfbagging.
by Woody March 09, 2005

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In reference to the amount of jail time you will recieve if you bang an underage girl.
Car salesman #1: That bitch is hot!
Car Salesman #2: Yeah, too bad she's a 5 to 10.
by woody May 25, 2003

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When the act of taking a shit is accompanied sensation of your rectum being on fire.
Exclusively used for the morning after drinking cheap beer.
After drinking an underteminable amount of PBR, I had the worst fire shit.
by woody April 30, 2003

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best 'rock' band in the world, better than radiohead
"Radiohead? Shite, Sigur Ros are much better"
by Woody January 19, 2003

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A small cute parrot. I like to kiss them and love them.
Woodrow is a cute little parrotlet that loves kisses :)
by woody November 28, 2003

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