A proclivity or tendency towards being a slut. Slightly slutty, or showing the first symptoms of becoming a full-blown slut.
Ever since she broke up with her boyfriend, she become a bit sluttish.
by sluttitis June 29, 2014
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The karmic repercussions of being a slut/slutty
"I know this is happening because I...."
"This is totally my sluttishment....."
by adammademedoit December 14, 2014
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This term describes the look that certain girls give guys when they're interested in them. It looks like the girl is slightly squinting, and she's giving a tired, loving sort of look.
1. I knew I had a chance with this girl when she gave me the sluttish sleepy eyes.

2. Sluts always try to use the sluttish sleepy eyes to lure their prey.
by CowboyDebop August 9, 2011
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