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A base word that pertains to sound, communication, and pronunciation.
I hate the background music for the Hooked-On-Phonics commercial.
by GalaxyDancer May 21, 2005
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Something no-lifers refer to when someone else makes an involuntary mistake on the internet. Usually suggested by assholes who are losing miserably in a heated argument.
Person 1: OMG, George W. Bush had sex with Dick Cheney!

Person 2: No he didn't, you fucking dipshit.
Person 1: You're the fucking dipshit, lol. Obviously you didn't hear.
Person 3: They really did get it on... its on the news.
Person 2: LOL noob, learn your fucking phonics. Learn to use "it's" correctly.
Person 4: Congratulations, you just won the fucktard of the year award. Who gives a shit about your noob phonics?
by PushMeh December 03, 2009
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