Arrive on holday, never leave. Best city in Britian but not for the reasons the politicians would have you believe. Usual scattering of council estate dumping grouds that politics forgot. Made better by the fact that hunderds of thousands of Valley folk come here every week to work, shop and entertain the locals. Full of amazing Welsh women. The graveyard of ambition. With the Beacons to the north, sea to the south and Llanelli to the west, why on earth would you want to go east?
Famous for:
BRAINS Beer brewed in Cardiff: outstanding, deceptive, lethal.
Civic Centre: compact, bijou and nice lit up at night.
Great people: luv Wales, luv the Celts!
Residual Religion: it's there in the weft & weave but the Welsh, being a truly spiritual people, are resisting vigourously.
Bent Politics: nuff said!
Ely & Llanrumney: chav hot-spots. No fashion sense whatsoever.
by Hedley Clubnobber August 13, 2006
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A place in Wales where the locals enjoy such diverse passtimes as drinking, abusing drugs, and fighting.
Man#1: I know! Let's go to cardiff for the evening, abuse some substances, than beat the crap out of each other.
Man#2: I'll have some of that!
by Dan February 4, 2004
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how is cardiff not already in the dictionary?

the capital of wales, home of barfly and cia and river taff and roath park
wow, i fell in love with cardiff the first time is got here. weird looking signs though
by wonderfool December 1, 2003
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Capital of Wales...home of the mighty Bluebirds...A great place to live, (except Ely) Fitzlan is the place to be lol...growimg up in cardiff consists mainly of Cider and throwing up by trees...BARFLY RULEZ BTW as does emporium (Bullet Proof - crazy)
"You are my CARDIFF, my only CARDIFF..."
by renos April 5, 2004
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a shit hole where wanna be year 8 roadmen hang out.
me: (just walking)
cocky year 7: ayyyyyy look at that twat.
me: (just walking away)
the yr 7s dickhead mates: oi did u here what he said
me: nah sorry mate i couldn't get that.
yr 7: ur a wanker

me: (walks away)

and thats it ladz cardiff
by BIG_POPPADOM June 23, 2020
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Cardiff is a dangerous city (capital) of Wales. It is more ghetto english than country boring welsh in the urban areas. Gang banging is very common, ther are alot of boxing professionals so watch out on the streets. Cardiff is also home to many famous boxers, such as Joe Calzage (undisputed middleweight)and many other. There is alot of drug dealing but usually kept on the low, some parts are extremely racist towards blacks but in other areas the whites are a minority and act 'black'. its sister city is LA, because of the water, no subways, its more of an open city. unlike london, which resembles new york with the tall endless buildings, and the beef is also the same (east vs west). cardiff has more crips than any other gang.
lil cripto- wasup cuzz
big city- wasup man, wat u up 2?
lil cripto- jus chilin man, hot sunny day, blue water blue sky blue hood.
big city- yea cuzz, dont you jus love cardiff city
lil cripto- yea man, this is tha place to be
by lil CRIPto August 5, 2007
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