Adjective, Abbreviation:

An abbreviation of "version 2.0," it is a naming convention most often employed ironically by programmers to denote shipping commercial software packages more accurately described by "v1" or even "beta."
"As usual, v2 was what version 1 should've been."

"Personally, I'm going to wait for v2 - I don't enjoy beta testing."
by Joshua B. Wright April 5, 2004
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1) Short for "version two;" used in reference to electronic data; includes software, web sites, etc.
2) Recently: a synonym for redux; anything that is supposedly better than its predecessor.
by Kevin Smith April 6, 2004
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Short range ballistic missile. Developed in Germany By Von Braun.

First operational liquid fuel rocket. Developed by Germany in a huge development program as large in proportion to the German gross national product as the Manahattan atom bomb project was in America.

After the war captured German V-2's were launched by the British, Americans, and Russians. Personnel and technology from the V-2 formed the basis for subsequent rocketry developments throughout the world.
"London got bombed by V2's"
by Killy the Fox April 4, 2004
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version two; better (or worse) than version one
omg liek windows xp is v2!11!!1!!
by sekio April 3, 2004
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Short for version 2--an update of previous versions, usually version 1.
Hey, I updated to v2!
v2 of what?
...of v1!
by v2 April 10, 2004
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Vengeance 2, the rocket developed by the German military during world war two. Due to the fact it cost the same to luanch 20 V1's as it did one V2, they were muched feared, especially in London which was a primary target for attack. At one point, the entire population of London was considered to be evacuated. For the sake of avoiding panic, Churchill kept what the public knew to a minimum. The V2 was eventually decided to be equipped with more dangerous materials, namely, nuclear. By the time this was possible, allied forces had pushed forward into germany and the remaining luanch sites were out of the maximum range for the V2, deeming it useless.
The V2 was a vain effort by Germany to prolong inevitable defeat by a few months.
by Gumba Gumba April 10, 2004
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if you like V2 you like the phonics
by wonderfool April 10, 2004
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