28 definitions by whitey

A turkey says gobble gobble and if you gobble somthing you eat it.

turkey time > eating out a girl

gobble gobble> the licking you do
During oral sex wit that hoe down the street she asked if it was turkey time and i responded with gobble gobble.

Yummy cooter juice!!!!!!!!!
by whitey May 06, 2005
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A machine that makes drinks expensive.
Do you have coke...in a glass harmonica?
by Whitey October 05, 2003
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fixing - fi(x)in(g) - getting ready to take action
I'm fi'in to throw down on that muh!
by Whitey September 15, 2003
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Some one or thing that is particularly attractive to retarded people.
The half-eaten and insect covered Snickers bar was the only piece of tardbait in the public restroom.

Brad has that overly friendly look, he's a total tardbaiter.
by Whitey August 19, 2003
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One who needs to clear one's throat.
Shit Ja Rule, swallow, cough, do something.
by whitey January 30, 2005
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referring to the penis of a black man
can you imagine taking all of shaquille's jig meat in your ass?
by whitey April 27, 2003
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adj. being of the essence of blaxploitation, getting as much blackness out of an African-American cast (and, specifically, male lead) as possible, especially in television and cinema.
1. Shaft. 2. The guy from Good Burger playing Fat Albert in the Fat Albert movie.
by Whitey December 13, 2004
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