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The highest honour awarded to garbage collectors and street cleaners. (see also Literary Agent)
Bob won the Literary award for having the cleanest street in London.
by lisa_urban May 18, 2008
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Ok, so u know like when u get a big mac, its pretty nasty right? yeah f that. Better get that damn wendys brufegegegrgrger rbecause it better yeah.
Yo, lets go get that literary burgur from Wendys
by smaarty man January 16, 2020
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Pertaining to literature.
Also the way stupid people spell "literally" as well as the way AZNs say the world.
Dumb guy writing something: Aryan literary means noble in Persian.
by Literary February 17, 2009
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Another word for a high school english teacher, or a university humanties professor. Used commonly amongst politcians, in order to segment them as a minority group.
John Howard: "I'm rather - acquainted with the - literaries at the - University of - Canberra."

Kim Beazely: "I sincerely doubt that, prime minister, as there is no longer a University of Canberra since you proposed the bill in question last month!"

John Howard: "......."

Kim Beazely: "I'm sorry prime minister? What was that?"

John Howard: "......this man is - trying to corrupt me!"

Kim Beazely: "Oh, god!"
by Alex Quantashassle June 01, 2005
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