1. Sacred word kept by the Knights of Ni.
Oh, what times are these that passing ruffians will say "Ni!" at will to old ladies?
by Contrary Mary December 8, 2002
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A word of unknown power, able to cause old ladies to cringe in fear. Those who say it may often be appeased with... A SHRUBBERY.
"Ni!" screeched the black-armored knight. "A shrubbery! Not too big or expensive."
by Juke March 21, 2004
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when yoiu meet a black person on a video game and they are chatting wass, you pull out the ni
person of colour: u trash at this game
12 yo white american kid: shut up ni
by mcsuckyourmum November 19, 2019
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a nickname for a cutie pie. she’s so sweet and beautiful. a pure lil shawty
see that cutie over there? that’s my ni!
by whatsacrunchyroll April 4, 2018
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ni is an Aussie short for goodnight, night, nite
"ni everyone" meaning "night everyone"
by F.Di Silvio November 25, 2007
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