slang term used in central Pennsylvania for a small sized bald headed man with a big SUV and an amazing wine collection
'Yo, heezie for sheezie was dropping one dollar bills at the End Zone like it was going out of style!'
by El Gigante February 24, 2003
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Ghetto way to say "in the house, for sure." Used to emphasize someone's presence.
Jamal: "Oh yeah! Chingy is the greatest rapper ever!"
Jaleel: "Shut yo mouth bitch. 2pac in da heezy fo' sheezy."

Dad: "Hey kids, where's your mother?"
Daughter: "I think she's still at work, Daddy."
Dad: "Oh darn. Well I'm hungry...did you remember to put the pot roast in the oven?"
Son: "Chillz my nigga. Mama in da crib, I just peeped her whip rollin' in 'bout 10 minutes ago. She in da heezy fo' sheezy, and dat shit already be cookin' like a mofo, playa."
Dad: "Alrighty then. Hey, did you finish your science homework?"
Son: "No bitch, dis pimp don't want none of that shit. I'm a' blast gats on yo' ass! Da only science I be droppin' is da phat rhymes I spit on da mike, beeotch!"
Dad: "OK, Barnaby...just make sure you do it before your tennis match at the country club."
by Nick D March 8, 2005
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