One kick ass play supposedly wirtten by "Shakespear". About one kick-ass Afican-Venician dude. Who in the end cuts his woman, because of his dumb ass friend.
Don't make me go Othello on you.
by Matt November 29, 2003
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A Black man who dates White women exclusively.

Reference to the Shakespearean tragedy, Othello, about a Moorish general who is tricked by his deceitful ex-lieutenant into killing his wife, an English princess.
Tiger Woods, Ice-T, and Lamar Odom are Othellos.
by forkann December 13, 2010
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a small little town in washington state that no body knows about because its a shit hole, pregnant teens everywhere, pot heads, and wanna-be gangsters make up this town. drama is everywhere and everyone talks shit about one another. there is no decent girls, they are all skanks and homie-hoppers.
"where do you live?

-"in othello"

"whats that?"

-"a shitty ass town :("
by the_509_ November 13, 2010
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One of the first Shakespearean (did I spell that right?) books I have read and found it quite good. I like how Shakespeare wrote Iago, his character is so intelligently evil you can't help but like him.
If people tease you about reading Othello, just ask them if they read Captain Underpants or how to spell Shakespeare. That will give you your answer.
by RP March 12, 2005
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1. A time-traveling super hero who closely resembles Dev Patel.
2. A popular television show
3. instant party
Dude did you see Hojo Othello yesterday? that was CRAZY. omg I can't wait for the next installment.
by supafoo November 29, 2009
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