Second male lead syndrome is when you like the Second Male Lead more than the Male Lead.
The Heirs - You like Choi Yound Do more than Kim Tan. You got second male lead syndrome.

" OMG ! I feel so bad for the second male lead! #secondmaleleadsyndrome "
by glow_z February 19, 2014
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1. disease developed where you like second male leads in k-dramas
2. personality trait where you have difficulty making choices
Not you asking the person with second male lead syndrome to decide...
by Mjiwij January 31, 2022
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the protagonist of a story. usually used in yaoi to indicate the male love interest.
I love the ML (male lead), Jaeyoung! His relationship with the MC (main character) Sangwoo is so entertaining!
by dogficent August 31, 2021
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