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a male that kills himself in order to come back to the human world as a freaky ghost and haunt the house of a hot babe in the hopes of scaring her out of her clothes
girl is brushing her hair one night, thinks she sees someone in her mirror behind her. turns around and sees the rotting, pale corpse of a zombie standing before her, naked. she is so scared that she jumps out of her silken nightgown. the poltergeist is satisfied, and his mission is accomplished.
by vladimir February 23, 2004

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Short for weblog. Blogs originally had purpose when the few people who had them actually had interesting and/or informative things to say. These blogs still exist, and are quite enjoyable to read, however the advent of blogger.com and livejournal.com has changed this once meaningful application into utter shit, allowing every day idiots to write about how shitty their lives are and why everyone should care.
Good Blog: Informative news, real humor and entertainment. Often build and published by someone with a brain.

Bad Blog: "School sucks", what you had for lunch, why your depressed because your 14 year old boyfriend dumped you and its the end of the world.
by Vladimir June 07, 2005

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ACT - i.e. some type of goofy act.
stop with your SHTICK. It's driving me crazy.
by Vladimir January 24, 2004

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One who puts a TYPE R sticker and/or an upside down Acura badge oh his/her honda civic. One who can fistfuck his/her exhaust pipe. One with a double decker spoiler on a front wheel drive, automatic, 120HP asian family vehicle.
usually those who wear abercrombie or something like Ecko or people with condoms on their heads (some call them "dough-rags")
by Vladimir January 05, 2004

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The act of belittling a thing or person.
"How dare you Floxinoxinifilificate me!"
by Vladimir October 25, 2004

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Also know as M. McCabe, *To miser* to borrow without intent to return/A miser - name given to the person misering.
"No you cant smoke anymore of my weed McCabe you fucking miser!"
by Vladimir March 11, 2004

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a slave driver fron the 1800's..... do the research
my great garndaddy was a crackah for your grandaddy nigger
by vladimir April 17, 2004

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