14 definitions by vladimir

a slave driver fron the 1800's..... do the research
my great garndaddy was a crackah for your grandaddy nigger
by vladimir April 17, 2004
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Agreement made before getting married. Will help in the divorce.
Thank god you were smart and got a pre-nup. Now you'll have a happy divorce.
by vladimir January 25, 2004
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punishment for being stupid enough to marry the bitch.
You got married, now you'll be paying for the rest of your life in the divorce settlement. Too bad you didn't get a pre-nup
by vladimir January 25, 2004
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a queer who likes to penetrate male anus
the analyzer analyzer the other faggot
by vladimir April 17, 2004
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a male that kills himself in order to come back to the human world as a freaky ghost and haunt the house of a hot babe in the hopes of scaring her out of her clothes
girl is brushing her hair one night, thinks she sees someone in her mirror behind her. turns around and sees the rotting, pale corpse of a zombie standing before her, naked. she is so scared that she jumps out of her silken nightgown. the poltergeist is satisfied, and his mission is accomplished.
by vladimir February 24, 2004
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Also know as M. McCabe, *To miser* to borrow without intent to return/A miser - name given to the person misering.
"No you cant smoke anymore of my weed McCabe you fucking miser!"
by vladimir March 11, 2004
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