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10 definitions by vern

AN Ancient Roman General, who claims to have been born August 27, 221 BC.

Suspected to just be a wanker with no social life and delusions of sexxah-ness
fish Severn, College Station, Texas, USA.
by vern December 6, 2003
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1. an attempt at humor that makes nobody laugh and in fact has the effect of making the recipients' days just a little bit worse
2. a clumsy fall that causes unexpectedly severe bruising
1. After a very funny email about a slutty bartender looking anywhere from 30 to 50, Jean Doe writes an email back saying, "Was it Ashley Young?" As nobody knows who that person is or gets any hidden message that Jean Doe intended, the attempt at humor failed. The days got just a little bit worse for each of the readers of the email. They'd been Sullivan flopped.
2. Upon being tossed a golf ball in a rather routine move, Joan Doe loses her balance and stumbles down a 3-degree incline slope, the land of which is comprised of soft grass. Left with a large bruise on her hip, Joan has experienced a Sullivan flop.
by vern July 23, 2004
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The liquid-like matter coming from one's penis when an infection occurs from being uncircumcised
The smagma showed he was unclean and infected, therefore I would not give him head.
by vern March 4, 2004
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That girl isn't just lesbian, she's a dyke.
by vern January 13, 2005
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Its when you are getting head from a woman and you kick her in the stomach and blow your load all over her face.
Im in Jail now because i popped one too many clutches
by vern July 23, 2004
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Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair - Computer Troubleshooting error description
Felicia your computer is suffering a PEBKAC error...
by vern October 17, 2002
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