The buttcrack of Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Severn is more of a zip-code that spans drastically different parts of the county than an actual town. It is mostly upper-middle-class, with one low-income/section 8 area (Pioneer City/Meade Village), some very expensive neighborhoods with $1M-$3M homes in Arundel Forest near Ft. Meade and near Dicus Mill Rd close to Gambrills/Millersville, a few working-class/blue-collar and older neighborhoods with lots of conservative Trumpers off of Quarterfield Rd, and a handful of solidly middle-class neighborhoods.

No, Severn is not “two steps below Arnold and four steps below Severna Park,” and whoever thinks that must have never been outside of Anne Arundel County before. When you see places in Maryland that are actually very rich, like Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, Kensington, Western Howard County, and even Davidsonville in Anne Arundel County, Severn and Severna Park/Arnold look a lot more similar to each other. Outside of the waterfront strip, Severna Park/Arnold is mostly middle-class and upper-middle-class neighborhoods, with a few $1M+ home and working-class neighborhoods sprinkled here and there, which is basically also what Severn is.

Because Severn is mostly a residential zip-code, nothing is really in Severn. However, because it is widespread, the different areas of Severn are quite close to other areas that have lots to do.
Person 1: “Hey, want to go to the Arundel Mills Mall in Severn?”

Person 2: “Dude, that’s in Hanover, not Severn.”

Severn is a unique and diverse area with a base of affluent/white-collar professionals who work in Fort Meade/Washington DC/Baltimore, a strong population of middle-class families, and a significant minority of working-class and low-income residents.
by MegaDixel December 14, 2020
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Severn is in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, United States. The population was 35,076 at the 2000 census, which is a 30 percent increase over the 24,499 population of 1990. The zipcode is 21144.

It is very diverse with a few nasty parts like Pioneer City but they are hoping the new transfers to Fort Meade will help nearby areas.

For people in the area its about two steps below Arnold and four below Severna Park.

Lower-Middle to Middle Class with a few really nice homes in between.
Severn huh? the no man's land between Fort Meade and Millersville.
by md767 September 13, 2010
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A very perfect guy who is boyfriend and husband material and if you're dating them you're so lucky. They can be a little sassy sometimes but it works out in the end. They're perfect in every way and people are even lucky to be friends with them.
Girl #1: Oh my god did you see Severn? He's to die for...

Girl #2: I know! He's perfect in every way.

Girl #3: Back off bitches he's mine.
by MadisonnPaigee May 21, 2017
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A very, very weird place... Severn is filled with: Military people, preps, rednecks (quarterfield and WB & A Road especially), blacks (Disney road, queenstown road, van bokkelen elem. area), Mexicans, and that one asian or indian guy as well. Severn's biggest attractions: Wal-mart supercenter, Chick fil A, and Severn Danza park. The biggest neighborhood would be the Severn Trailer Park. Severn also has around 5-10 confederate flags flying in various houses (i dont really mind rebel flags, but im sure some people do.)

The local schools would be: Meade High School (anyone in severn near Fort Meade, MD), Glen Burnie HS, Old Mill HS (Millersville, aka the truck stop), and a tiny portion is served by Arundel HS. There is literally nothing here besides Walmart, so most people (whether you're white, black, hispanic etc) go to Arundel Mills or Waugh Chapel for entertainment. Severn also has a shit load of churches too.

Overall, this place is OK, you'll survive if you're redneck (Me as an example), a military vet, a black guy or the occasional Hispanic/Asian. I'd give severn an honest 6.5/10, this place needs to have more shit.
severn is the shit, but we do have our flaws.
by MarylandRedneck69 April 1, 2017
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When two friends fuck either a set of brothers or a set of sisters.
Person 1: Dude Lauren and I are Severning!!
Person 2: No way, which brothers?!
Person 1: The Johnson Brothers!
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Known as Dan "The Beast" Servern, A shoot-fighting bad-ass known for Ultimate Fighting and pro-wrestling. Was NWA heavyweight champion many times. Had an intense rivalry with Ken Shamrock and can put opponents in so many different holds they have to invent new ways to scream.
In a real fight Dan Severn would rip Hulk Hogan's roid ridden arms off and beat him to death with them.
by DennisIsEvil April 18, 2006
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n. Formed in 1914, this school was founded by Roland M Teal as an all boy preporatory school for the naval academy. Sitting on a beautiful 14 acres of prestine land on the bank of the severn river, the school boasts a low student-teacher ratio and is ammong the top 50 academic high schools in the nation. The "admirals" have long had a tradition of sporting excellence, and now belong to the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association. With 99% of graduates going on to college, it has one of the highest college promotion rates in the country.
"severn school has won the last two MIAA conference championships"
by crazy mik June 23, 2005
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