The one and only real gang!
Producing the dopest music you‘ve ever listened to.

🖖= Gang sign
Leader: Fokou and Perzey
*comes into room*
“221 Gang Gang Adrenalin“🖖
“221 Gang Skrr“ 🖖
by 221 Gang Member February 17, 2019
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*Second to One*

*Denotes emphasis on Sparking various forms of Emotional Responses in regards to an Individuals Worth with Both Negative and Positive Connotations.
Ole Boy - Have You seen or heard from Katie? I Cant seem to Get In Touch. Can you tell Her I called?
Daddy Cell - Hell No. Shit you are 221 Now lol. More like 021

Katie - Baby we is 220 all the Way!
New Man - Bet! 221 But only the Lord
by Davesnothereman2792 October 9, 2020
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A trivial attempt at teaching compnent based programming with a language that ISNT REALLY A REAL PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE!
RESOLVE/C++ is the anti-christ of programming.
The students suicide note cited CIS 221 for the reason he took his own life.
by 0nceler March 19, 2003
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