August 27 is manifesting day! Manifest anything you want on this day, because group manifesting is SUPER POWERFUL! Remember that manifestation only works if you actually believe that it’s gonna work.
Chelsey: hey what’s today?
Chad: august 27, why?
Chelsey: omg it’s manifesting day!
Chad: oh I totally forgot!
by Where’smysupersuit July 27, 2020
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A day where the Universe will accept anything you manifest. Hey TikTok users !!
Mark the date August 27th down.
August 27th will be the best day of your life.
by kvmoraa July 10, 2020
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National hottie day, celebrate yourself on this day :)
Person 1: Damn happy August 27th!!:)
Person 2: why!?!
Person 1: because you’re a hottie ;)
by Cuteeraser October 16, 2019
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On this day only baddies are born. They are the most stunning queens on this planet
The best kind of people are born on august 27
by jbutnotreallyj December 9, 2020
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A day where a wonderful girl would be born, a girl who is attached to sleeping and chicken nuggets this girl will also love animals and have minimal friends but she is still great
It’s August 27 a great girl is probably sleeping with a ferret or something
by A very good boi October 24, 2019
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Your crush will kiss you day,

Basically your crush will kiss you
Person 1: OMG!!! It's August 27th!!
Person 2: So?
Person 1: It means your crush will kiss you!!!
Person 2: OMGGG YAY!
by Colesprouseishot April 26, 2022
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