I'm the plug , sev for $70 not $100
by Leek/Mille April 22, 2016
Abrviated way to refer to 7-11.
I'm supposed to meet up with him at the Sev in like 15 minutes.
by KandyKTrenton November 17, 2020
Sev is a very important person. They make ur heart warm, they make u fell save and happy. They are always there for you.
"whos sev?" a special person.
by Willow (=^ ◡ ^=) November 21, 2021
the nickname for RC-1207, a semi-psychotic clone commando that specializes in sniping and a member of the elite Delta Squad from the video game Star Wars: Republic Commando. (Also featured in other Star Wars media.)
Sev is the best sniper you'll ever command.
by Mystic monk fighter January 16, 2007
Basically the definition of hot. He is amazingly talented and sexy af
Oh he is such a sev. i want him in my pants
by Parky eats poo November 16, 2021
AN Ancient Roman General, who claims to have been born August 27, 221 BC.

Suspected to just be a wanker with no social life and delusions of sexxah-ness
fish Severn, College Station, Texas, USA.
by Vern December 6, 2003