Anal sex. The male inserts the penis into the female (or male) anus, and thrusts outward and inward. See also : Butt fucking, ass sex, fag festivity
I'm ganna bruise her good, mothafucka!
by The Toe June 2, 2003
Not quite as good at fighting as Bruce Lee but pretty darn close.
Jackie Chan is very bruisely.
by Kahdlibber October 10, 2017
a discoloration in the skin from a ruptured vein, this can also be called a "hicky" sometimes.
She came in to the cafeteria after x period and I noticed a bruise on her neck, thigh, and foot. I realized then either she got her ass jumped after she left or I'm gonna get my ass beat after I leave the cafe
by Hicky, sex, jumping, gangbang November 8, 2015
Temporarily hurt or emotionally upset
You bruised, bro?
by Gaaabe08 December 3, 2016
Getting so drunk that you find bruises on youself the next day.
I can't believe how bruised I was last night at the club, I have purple welts all over my body to prove it!

Let's go get bruised! I haven't had a good bruising since New Years Eve.
by Bug80 September 17, 2012
1 "Hey man what did you do last night"
2 "I did, "the bruise""
by Cptneo January 12, 2009
A verd. Eqivalent of burn, to diss someone. An insult used by the third party after first part makes fun of a second party.

George: That lady is hawt.
Paco: Your mom is hawt.

On man, you got bruised!

That's a bad bruise!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
by Jumping Bean October 18, 2006