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a loving huevo that loves every cousin she has!!!
margie is huevo #2!
by VALERiE March 21, 2004
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A surreal cable access show in NYC, involving sock puppets.
"Watch Pox! Be Pox!"
by VALERiE March 31, 2005
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Alternate definition: someone who metaphorically "whores" his/her self out, such as by seeking attention or approval.
Did you see Sam whoring it up to impress his coworkers? He's such a prostitute.
by VALERiE May 24, 2004
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1. One who is selfish.
2. One who is hypocritical.
3. One who is apathetic.
4. One who discriminates.
5. Bible thumper.
6. One who is intolerant.
7. One who is Christian.
8. One who does not care about anything that does not effect oneself. See apathetic. See selfish
9. One who is against equal human rights. See gay marriage
10. One who is against women's rights. See abortion.
"Who is that person with their head in the sand? Oh, it's a Republican."
by VALERiE December 05, 2004
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Reality telivision show on MTv, a group of six people who travel in a small RV, go on "missions" to gain money or some other prize, fail two and someone gets sent home.

Or, just common sense rules of the road
Dude, I was just watching Road Rules, That mission was insane! I cant beleive they were burried alive!
by VALERiE July 30, 2003
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A word that is used as it's own sentance. The technical definition: "schmeep" is just "schmeep".
*giggle* schmeep! *giggle*
by VALERiE March 31, 2005
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1. Having the unpleasant qualities of the scrotum, including the wrinkliness and flaccid squashiness thereto attributed.
2. Appearing to have the odor of an unwashed nut-sac.
Oh duuuude, that old man leering at you is scrotesque!
by VALERiE February 03, 2005
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