30 definitions by valerie

A fine looking indivdual with sexy dreads, who is a member of the Jaguar clan. A.K.A. Delendrose
Ki just got 100 combat!
by valerie February 20, 2005
Reality telivision show on MTv, a group of six people who travel in a small RV, go on "missions" to gain money or some other prize, fail two and someone gets sent home.

Or, just common sense rules of the road
Dude, I was just watching Road Rules, That mission was insane! I cant beleive they were burried alive!
by valerie July 31, 2003
A surreal cable access show in NYC, involving sock puppets.
"Watch Pox! Be Pox!"
by valerie March 31, 2005
1. a mass of displeasing or disgusting matter
2. a person who is a waste of life
3. a feeling, generally brought on by exposure to displeasing or disgusting materials or people
1. "i definitely just sat in something. what's this disgustus on my butt?"
2. "what a weird kid. he's such a disgustus"
3. "i just gave that fat guy a sponge bath. i feel all disgustus."
by valerie July 20, 2004
The being that created you, me and everything on this earth (no matter how much you deny it)and is going to put all the dumbasses that made up a bunch of crap about him burn in hell forever, which i'm sure is fun to see.
God is the greatest.
by valerie November 24, 2004