The sexiest. Sexier than Barar and anything else! He's got drip, fashion, basketball skills, not a binbag shup u smelly wan. I'm just an overall genius 🔥
Oh look it's Kelleher! Shexxyxyyyy
by JammyK October 09, 2020
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Sexier than Barar! No man like Kelleher. Dont at him or he will be all up ur nose. He may not look intimating but he will pack a punch. Dont @ me bruv
Oh look it's Kelleher. No man like him!
by JammyK October 09, 2020
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the fly, funky, and fresh way to say the name kelly.
it's gangstarrr baby!
yo kelleh! what you sayin' this weekend girl?
by Kelleh Nguyen January 30, 2008
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An overbearing oaf who is the class clown. He is someone who loves to be the centre of attention but never quite gets there.

He is loveable for his clumsiness and entertaining attempt at life
Oh here comes The Kelleher, is he a goof
by tiddlywink7 September 08, 2015
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An endearment to use towards close friends. It can also be used if you forget someones name. Kelleh only works properly if it is shouted loudly with emphasis on the 'LEH' at the end.


women: oh hi paul hows it going?

man: umm yeh not to bad....KELLEH?!?!?!

by deadbreast April 15, 2009
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A very awesome person. On the shorter side. Blond. So fun to be around. Has a mean volleyball serve, but slightly bird-like. She's crazy, but amazing!
Person 1: Wow, that girl is so cool
Person 2: I know, she's such a Rose Kelleher!
by punk.apparently. December 09, 2010
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the highest form of human being, part of the LBGTQ+ community and attends LVC, he is often quick to correct and easily to offend .
i wish i was as good looking as Matt Kelleher
by linton village college is shit January 12, 2021
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