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"he's not completely black, he's only a griff"
by valerie October 29, 2004
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When someone does something displeasing to another person, the annoyed person may assign the annoyer craphat-wearing status.
My roommate taped over the Iron Chef marathon before I got to watch it. He totally wears the craphat.
by valerie May 24, 2004
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The peices or parts of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that unfolded in a fantasy world while exhibiting certain stages of sleep.
Her dreamshards were woven from years past.
by valerie June 17, 2004
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A rapper known for starting feuds with anyone and everyone, who has a great body but was cursed with baby eyes.
by valerie March 29, 2005
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1. a mass of displeasing or disgusting matter
2. a person who is a waste of life
3. a feeling, generally brought on by exposure to displeasing or disgusting materials or people
1. "i definitely just sat in something. what's this disgustus on my butt?"
2. "what a weird kid. he's such a disgustus"
3. "i just gave that fat guy a sponge bath. i feel all disgustus."
by valerie July 20, 2004
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