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the back end of your body i.e. booty, ass, rump, butt, etc.. etc.. etc..
Ooohh that girls got a nice backside.
by unknown January 20, 2003
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A being with unnatural talent in the artistic field, able to win the attention of her peers and higher ups. Naturally free flowing magnificent black hair. Someone that can only be matched by her Kelly in strength, fortitude, artistic and literary talent. One who Strives for a goal and never stops until it is accomplished. A being that is heavenly in appearance, yet ruthless in attitude
I met a Roxie on the way to school and was overwhelmed by her striking personality.
by Unknown January 02, 2005
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asshole, extremely irritating personallity
usko bat samajh nahin ati, wo barra chootiya hay
yeh kaya harkat ki hay chootiyay
by unknown June 24, 2003
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A vicious super villan on the 90's spiderman series. He is a phychopath who can turn his arms into bladed weapons using his alien symbiote suit.
Carnage will cut you up real nice
by Unknown July 09, 2004
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Where two or more guys have sex with a girl at the same time.
We are going to run the train on Jenny tonight.
by unknown February 04, 2004
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A Cheating Bitch, is usualy the term used to refer to a girlfriend, or wife, that cheats on their boyfriend or husband.
You F**king cheating bitch how could you do this to me.
by unknown March 20, 2003
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salwa LOVES to study, read, revise, research, for hours everyday!
salwa is soo smart!
by unknown June 15, 2004
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