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The single most Hottest girl in the world who should be the fantasy of every guy and i love
Amy is Juicyalicious
by Unknown February 10, 2003
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kando will be returned to corea within 10 years
by Unknown September 06, 2003
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100% pure raw, unadulterated, uncut ownage.
Kasmapalities is like being a teacher while boxing, rapping, worker part time at a community center playing basketball with bad kids, while making a super nintendo rpg on the side maintaining two websites and having one of the finest girls in the city, whos parents are racists. Kasmapalities is like being on an album that your whole school knew about, man kasmapalities is, man its just ownage.
"Man my day was so kasmapalities."

"Man when I grow up, I hope to be like Kasmapalities"
by Unknown April 18, 2005
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The Most Elite Human On The Planet.
Usage Examples:

My "KBert" is more Elite than your "KBert".

I'm really cool but I'm not a "KBert" yet.

<person 1> How do you turn your "KBert" off? I turn mine off by using a swift kick to the “nutz”.

<person 2> That’s not cool.

KBert, KBert, KBe, K... WHO? WHAT?
WTF has a website that only contains their email address? Oh, now I get it, that must be the new cool thing to do!

I love KBert sooo much that I am following his supreme dietary examples and consuming snapple of the ras-bury variety and only Snapple of the ras-bury variety.
by Unknown April 16, 2005
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