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Yo V-unit do you even know what a naked chick looks like?
by Unknown November 22, 2003
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An Arab is originally a term for a person from the arabian peninsula. During the islamin conquests arabs spread to other areas. Arabs are a subdivision of the semetic people, which includes israelis, not those european ones frech off the boat from russia that call israel home, but the real ones.
Ur an arab...
Look at those Arabs
by Unknown February 23, 2005
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Putting together the words "the & is" to make one word.
by Unknown December 4, 2003
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Its another word for "mr.winky" A.K.A the males favorite organ!
Also see as dick
Omg!!.. that boi has a real small boingdeboing!
by Unknown April 2, 2005
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1. an arbitrary link.

2. can be ANYTHING arbitrary given that the syntax be edited to accomodate. often used when describing the activities of a linkwhore.
a.) syntax: insert <whatever> here.
by Unknown March 1, 2004
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