Something you google when you are to lazy to type in "urban dictionary"
i googled "ud" because it was much shorter and easier than typing urban dictionary
by blowjob master June 2, 2015
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a web site found on the internet were almost anyone with internet and literacy (not much required) can define whatever the hell they damn well feel like defining. The ultimate use for the 1st amendment
Why the hell are you looking up the definition of ud, you are already here. Then again, why am I even defining ud if there is no real reason to search it on ud?
by northendwhitetrash March 24, 2007
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something you search in google when you are too lazy to type Urban Dictionary.
by cool A October 22, 2019
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Is place used by lazy people who needs a brief explanation of ANY word rather than using a webster dictionary or wikipedia
- Do you know whats normcore mean?
- let me ask ud ..
by Ed-SF March 26, 2015
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UD in game hacking means undetected, when a cheat works and goes unnoticed by an anti-cheat.
Person 1: "Yo, I just got a UD cheat for Fortnite!" Person 2: "Sick, let's go shit on some 7 year olds."
by probablychinese August 20, 2023
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greg: what are you doing?
fred: im online.
greg: doing what?
fred: ud.
greg: fe.
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