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Mexican Beer
i'm going to buy some tecate for my friend
by unknown December 09, 2003
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A small town, also known as "Eldersburg"; located in southern Carroll County, Maryland. With nothing to do, high schoolers from the area spend time hanging out at the local Denny's or T-Bell (Taco Bell). "Parking lot hopping" is also a frequent activity on the weekends by teenagers in the area.
Person one: Hey, what's going on in E-burg tonight?
Person two: Nothing. Let's get high then go talk to Ali at Denny's.
by Unknown March 24, 2005
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George W Bush is nothing but a letdown to America. Even Ling Xiaoyu from the Tekken would make a better president than Bush despite the fact that she is Chinese, I mean think if she replaced Bush we would get Theme parks all round America and maybe elsewhere too. But no we have to have Bush as president instead. What a twit he is believe me he is.
Bush is nothing much but stupid to all of America.
by Unknown January 20, 2005
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means a fine ass gurl with a big ass and she is sexy!
shenika has the biggest ass.
by unknown November 25, 2003
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end of discussion-its over with-done
You were wrong for what you did-point blank
by unknown October 15, 2003
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1. something people day when they screw up really really bad
2. the retarded way of saying "ooh shit!"
Oopsie daisy, i pooped in my pants.
by Unknown August 07, 2004
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1. It's How you pronounce the singer 50 cent in slang. 2. Slang for 50 cents.
1. Did you get fiddy cent's (50 cent) new CD? 2. Can i have 5o cents?
by unknown June 12, 2003
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