Ryu is the nicest, funniest, most amazing, supportive and kind person. He is the kindest and sweetest person ever and he will do whatever it is to make you happy. He always be there for you whenever your down and make you smile. Just standing next to him, he'll make you smile. He's very very shy and if he likes a girl he never makes the first move. So if you like a Ryu tell him and if your in a relationship with him keep him. He may confuse you a lot at times but he will truly love you with all his heart and make you feel like the most special person in the world. He is also amazing at sports and is especially good at football. He's so patient and smart and he's basically the most amazing person. He's always willing to help someone even if he doesn't know you. So if you have a Ryu in your life make sure you keep him
Olivia: "Ryu is the sweetest"
by Potatolover ;) September 16, 2019
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The act of ejaculating into your hand during sex and then yelling HADOUKEN loudly while flinging your jizz into her face.
Yo bro i gave my girlfriend a ryu last night!
by JeffHADOUKENMASTER June 28, 2010
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The best martial artist ever!!! He is the main character of Street Fighter series. Ryu is a martial artist dedicated to perfecting his body and technique. He constantly teavels from place to place around the world. looking for opponenets worthy enough to challenge him. His best friend and sometimes rival is Ken Masters. Both are disciples of Shotokan Karate, and trained under their sersei, Sheng Long.
by Samurai Katsu September 24, 2003
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A Overpowered, and cheap character in sf4.
His shoryuken =win.

Usually used by noobs who spam his OP moves then QQ when they lose to another character
Hey guys watch me beat this ken player"loses" (crys)
Hey guys watch me beat this Sagat player"loses" (crys)
Hey guys watch me beat this Dan player"loses" (crys)

Fuck, another ryu...lets watch him spam me to death
by sf4t mod June 19, 2010
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Japanese for dragon, not OWNAGE. (noob who ever said ownage)
probably the best character Capcom has ever mad so far.
hes so cool, my dogs name is ryu

you must defeat my dragon punch to stand a chance
you must defeat sheng long to stand a chance
Midway: Sub Zero can so kick Ryus ass cause he can do a fatetallity
Capcom: Um wrong why use an instinct kill move when you can just hadouken your opponent from across the screen?
by metsu hadouken December 12, 2009
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Ryu is a very good artist and she is very precious
She has a duck as a wife and they make yuri
But she does not have only her wife
She also has a harem and a t h i c c ass-//shot by ryu
She doesn't like hugs
If you try to hug her, she will dodge the hug
But she likes pats
Ryu is the answer to everything and the meaning of life
She throws apples trying to kill you
She also slaps the legs of a certain person
1: What is the meaning of life? Ryu!
2: Run! Here comes Ryu with the apples!
3: I don't have anyone I cri

Ask ryu if you can have someone from her harem
by FishFgt June 1, 2018
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Blaming someone for taking your house in fortnite when you have not landed yet or indicated you wanted that house.
Fuck off Bramveer you took my house you fucking snake (Kicks from Discord) - Ryu
by CalvinHitler April 14, 2018
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